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Well-Founded Consulting for Your Company:

Focused Performance that Really Takes You Further

Our consulting services can basically be divided into these two areas: Business consulting and Strategic consulting. Beyond that, we of course ensure the appropriate realization in terms of projects that we conceive individually to specifically answer your needs.

Business Consulting: New Impulses for Your Business Areas

PREBESCO Business Consulting will concentrate on individual business areas of your company as needed, in order to make challenges transparent and optimize performance.

Typical tasks for PREBESCO comprise:

  • You want to restructure your sales organization – nationally or internationally
  • Marketing activities have to be planned, conceived and implemented
  • Production processes have to be optimized
  • Overriding processes have to be streamlined and become more flexible
  • Innovation and product development have to be successful faster – from idea management to the finished product
  • You want to lower your costs or optimize your cost structure

In these and many other cases you can rely on PREBESCO to give you the right impulses, to develop the right concepts, to design the right processes and to implement them in a way that brings success.

What is important for us in doing this: we conduct all our projects together with your employees. We will win over your staff for the common goal – and we will train and empower them so that they themselves will be able to realize new projects successfully in the future.

Strategic Consulting: Discovering New Ways for Your Company

Within the scope of PREBESCO Strategic Consulting, we are able o offer a holistic approach to strategic consulting.
This means we’ll develop:

  • an individual corporate strategy to successfully face the challenges of the future
  • detailed areas of action and activity schedules
  • controlling processes for implementation and realization

This makes good business sense whenever markets are changing quickly, customer requirements are suddenly shifting or grown corporate structures are simply no longer in sync with the reality of the markets.

The success of our consulting can be measured: in the way how corporate potential is being transformed into achievement and this achievement fulfills customer requirements and needs, success becomes clearly visible.