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All Parameters at a Single Glance:

“Corporate Cockpit” as a Reliable Basis for Sound Decisions

A mid-sized company was faced with the situation that relevant data required for management decisions were derived from various heterogeneous data sources. The consequence: decisions were often taken on the basis of flawed data.

The solution: We developed our “Corporate Cockpit” for this company – a compilation of the most important relevant data from one single well-founded data source presented at a glance:

  • Production data
  • Financial data
  • Sales volumes
  • Contribution margin
  • HR data
  • Further relevant information needed for controlling (e.g. lost orders due to resources overload/ outsourcing etc.)

These data are automatically brought together within our “Corporate Cockpit”, are compiled together and presented on a single sheet of paper every day, current and reliable.

This allows getting a truthful picture of the company’s situation at a single glance, which makes it possible to take the necessary decisions on a reliable basis, and to undertake ongoing planning in the right direction.

This solution is especially interesting for small and mid-sized companies.

The most important advantages:

  • Limited investment
  • No expensive standard business software necessary
  • No change in existing processes
  • Automatic compilation of all relevant data
  • Transparent presentation
  • Reliable basis for decision-making processes
  • Disproportionally high benefit